Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our ER Visit

Let me start this off with, I thought I was prepared for motherhood and would never be a mother who was constantly worried about the little things. Well, I am. I swear that I have called and spoke with the nurse at his peds office 25 times since he was born! UGH! She constantly reassures me that she would prefer to have me asking a bunch of questions or bringing him in to be checked out then to NOT do it and him come down with something that turns worse from it not being treated.

Anyways, Aidan had a bottle before bed last night and slept the WHOLE night! YAY! Well, he woke up and had a bottle, took a nap and then we were leaving for some errands. Well, he was super crabby. I tried giving him some motrin and after only half of his dose he gags and then pukes ALL over himself and my carpet! So, we change his clothes, wipe up the carpet and ditch the motrin. 30 minutes later we are in the car and once again.. he starts puking! UGH! So, we pull over and wipe him up (I need to keep a set of clean clothes in the car). About an hour goes by and we are at Other Mother's and he is CRABBY! I make him a bottle and my sister is holding him feeding it to him. 2 1/2 ounces later and he starts puking all over himself, my sister and the floor! Well, I rush outside so he is no longer puking on the floor. Also, I bought him some new jammies and we hit the road. He gets home, takes a nap and wakes up. I gave him a 4 ounce bottle of WATER (my son doesn't really drink juice and I figured water would be easier on his stomach). Well, up came the water. I have to throw in there, this is not just a little puke. Everytime he pukes EVERYTHING comes up, his whole little body wretches and it comes out his nose... my poor baby.

So, Anthony suggests I take his temp and call the doctor. 100.5... not bad. The nurse says I should bring him into the ER so they can get him on some IV fluids if needed. Well, we trek down to Sacred Heart (we've been there once before and I LOVE their peds ER). It most certainly was not busy the first time we went. Well, we arrived at 8 and were taken back to the PEDS waiting room..... it was PACKED!

Aidan was super crabby, after all, he hadn't kept anything is his stomach all day and it was his bedtime. Well, he wanted a bottle. I figured if he wants it, I will give it to him. He vomits all over the floor. HAHA! It was a little amusing to see the face on the lady next to me. I knew he was going to vomit, I just have a hard time telling my 11 month old sick son that he can't have his bottle! Anthony goes to get a "puke" bowl and the lady at the counter says "well, if you didn't feed him, he wouldn't puke". Really? Thanks Einstine! I'm not telling my hungry, tired, sick baby that he can't eat because she doesn't want to clean the puke up! So, they take us into triage and give him a little "magic" pill. She said after 20 minutes we could try giving him some pedialite. We got into our room at 10!!! By 10:30 the actual doctor was seeing us. He said just keep giving him the pedialite and if he continues to keep down a sufficient amount of fluids, he will send us home.. no IV needed! YAY!

There was a catch.... Aidan does NOT like pedialite. GO figure. The nurse kept saying I couldn't give him formula because it was too hard on his tummy. I finally got her to ask the doctor and he said fluids are fluids, if he takes it and keeps it down, fine. 5 ounces later, no puking and were released with 24 hrs worth of doses of that "magic" pill. I totally forgot what it is called but the doctor said it works great. He also proceeded to tell me that 30 pills costs about $750!!!! Most insurances don't cover it, which is why they give them to you at the ER.

So, our little guy is in bed now. Poor baby didn't get to sleep until 11:45. I hope he continues to do well with these pills and hopefully no more puking!

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From Us to You! said...

Awww.I am so sorry I would have chewed that lady out at the counter who does she think she is??? Honestly..I hope your little guy feels better.. Boone has been so fussy and needy and has been running a fever off and on and finally is getting rid of his cough THANK god. He would get coughing so hard he couldn't breath. I hope you have a good night!