Monday, March 23, 2009

More Presents

This is the cutest Little turtle from Grandpa Monte.. Aidan LOVES it!
Here is the slide from Mommy and Daddy!
G-ma got this adorable little boat that even floats in the bath tub. It is his first Little People set, we can't wait to get another one! Mommy loves that it's his first "Lego" set!
Aidan also got this picnic table from Grandma Jackie! The top is lowered right now since Aidan isn't quite big enough to sit on the benches. He loves to play with his new toys on it though!
This is another present from Mommy and Daddy. Although I think Uncle Casey enjoyed playing with it more then Aidan!

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From Me to You said...

We got boone that kitchen fridge thing for christmas he loves it! He hides stuff in the fridge..usually our keys lol