Thursday, February 26, 2009

Baby Contest

I am entering Aidan in the Beautiful Eyes contest! I can't choose between some photos and need YOUR help! The problem i have is that the photos that show off how blue his eyes are, are not necessarily good pictures. The ones that ARE good pictures don't quite show off hos cute his eyes are! HELP ME! Let me know which one you like best! Let me know soon, tomorrow is the deadline!


Monday, February 16, 2009


In a correction to my previous post. Anthony changed Aidan's diaper this afternoon, so I am only a half-bad mom!

Not Me Monday

I most certainly did not change my son's diaper after breakfast this morning and then forget to change it after his first nap. I also did not pull him out of his highchair after dinner tonight and realize his pants were soaked and that he hadn't had his diaper changed since this morning! I most certianly do not qualify for Worst Mother of the Year award now. And since this was not me today... nobody can call CPS and report me for neglect ;)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

New Video

So, while I cannot provide you with pictures at the moment, I did get some super cute video this morning! I captured Aidan's newest "tricks". Riding his giraffe, clapping and waving "bye bye". Too cute!

It's a....

TOOTH! Aidan has finally cut one of his top teeth. Earlier today I could just feel the corner of it through and tonight before bed the whole bottom of the tooth was through! YAY! We have been working on this for WEEKS! I have been able to see it there but it wouldn't cut through and it finally did! WooHoo! I'm an excited Mommy! That makes three teeth through and one more on the way!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Hair Cut

So, Mommy had a haircut today and decided that Aidan was long over due for one. I just gave Aidan his 4th (yes FOURTH) haircut in 10 months. His hair is CRAZY! I notice that I go shorter and shorter everytime! He looks like a big boy with his haircut. I WISH I could load pictures onto my computer (darn kids). LOL! Maybe I will have the neighbor take a picture with his cell phone so I can get it on here. He is SO stinkin cute!

On another not so happy note. Aidan is teething, well, has been teething for a few weeks now. I can see his stinkin teeth in there, they just won't come through. For the last 4 days he has been grumpy all day long and for the past 3 nights he has cried his way through the last hour and a half before bed time! I tried everything last night, motrin, oragel, cold washcloths, teething rings... MY FINGERS! Nothing would comfort him, he just sat in my arms bawling. He did this for so long that he PUKED his raviolis up all over my lap, the couch and the carpet. He did it again this morning and puked all over himself, the lazyboy and the floor. UGH! I feel terrible for him but that sound just starts to make my head twitch after awhile. Right now he is content (after already crying for 15 minutes). As long as I don't look at him, talk to him, or walk past him he should be okay.

Ah... the joys of parenting!

Our Goof Ball

So, Anthony just handed Aidan a big plastic cup to play with. Aidan put it up to his mouth like he was drinking then BURPED, super loud right into the cup and it echoed. He looked at Anthony and started cracking up at himself. It is so cute when Aidan makes himself laugh!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Aidan has learned how to play catch! Well, a 10 month old version! You throw the ball to him and then he picks it up and thows it back! It is the cutest thing, when he throws it he puts all of this effort into it and grunt and everything. I tried getting some video of Aidan playing catch with his Daddy last night but our camera was dead! As soon as I get it charged I will get some video of our little ball player!