Sunday, May 3, 2009

Copy Cat

Wow, it has been awhile since I posted!

Aidan has started copying everything we do, it is rather cute. On his list... he holds the phone to his ear, he points the remote at the TV, he spits (when we sneeze!), he attempts to put my sunglasses on and lastly, he combs his own hair! I find it adorable when he tries so hard to immitate the things we do!

Aidan also has a new word! He says "Boo" when we play peek-a-boo! The running total is 3 words! We have "Ni Ni" for ni-night, "ba" for ball, and now "boo" for peek-a-boo! YAY!

Aidan also now has 6 teeth and is working on two more. Once those come in, he will have all 4 front teeth on both the top and bottom! It is so cute to hear his using his teeth to bite pieces off his animal crackers. Yeah, I'm weird, I know. It is just so cute to hear that big crunch come from his little teeth!

Last of all, Aidan has been "free standing". Most of the time, he doesn't realize he isn't holding on to things anymore and when he does, he falls. However, today my little man was on his hands and knees then stood up with his hands on the floor... then stood all the way up! All by himself! No prompting, no support (other then the floor). I am SO excited!!!!! My little guy is getting SO big! It won't be soon and he'll be walking! I am looking forward to him being able to walk as the weather gets warmer. That way, when we spend a lot of time outside he won't be crawling all over the place, rather walking.

Alright, there is all of my updates on Aidan... for now. I'll post some pictures later!

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