Saturday, January 24, 2009


OMGoodness! Aidan is going to be 1 in a couple of months! This means time to start thinking about a birthday party! I realized we don't have many friends as a family (at least not any with kids!) so it will be a small party. Anthony's mom should be up here and I am going to try and plan it for when my mom is in town as well. Maybe Aidan will make himself a little friend in M&M before his birthday. Although, I guess he can't really make friends if I don't take him out! I am getting excited thinking about his first birthday!

On another note, Aidan has chewed on our cord for the camera and at the moment I can't upload pictures!!!! UGH! I need to buy a new cord. He also started playing patti-cake with me! I have played with him for awhile and tpday when I started singing he started clapping! YAY!

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